DIY–Do it Yourself with knowledges and experiences shared by Licensed Immigration professionals!

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How CMI Advice Bank works?

CMI Advice Bank is a Fellows only professional advice bank and information sharing network, you MUST register as a fellow to seek information or contribute to the bank.

All our contributors to the Advice Bank are all CMI fellows who are licensed to give advice and in addition to that they also have to follow CMI’s code of conducts and rules for better practice.

Our Goal is to build the most professional and ethical Immigration Related Advice Center online.

Prospective immigrants or landed immigrants can easily search for advice they can trust with very low cost and get advised professionally only when they need instead of paying large amount of consulting fees.

However, for those who want to have a professional to assist them all the way along the immigration  journey, they can still use our E-consulting services. DIY fellows can upgrade their services to E-consulting easily or use hourly billed E-consultation services in conjunction with the E-DIY services.

The advice bank also provide you advice on settlements, information such as tax, finance, real estate, and employment.

Don’t live your life the hard way! Register as a fellow now and get advised!

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