BCPNP Entrepreneur Pilot

The EI Regional Pilot is a partnership between communities and the province, focused on attracting motivated entrepreneurs from around the world to establish new businesses in regional communities to meet the community’s specific needs. These new businesses will create jobs in priority sectors creating exciting new opportunities that keep people in the community.

Applicant criteria

The criteria targets entrepreneurs with a desire to start a business and settle in regional communities (populations of fewer than 75,000):

  • exploratory community visit
  • minimum of $100,000 in eligible business investments
  • minimum personal net worth of $300,000
  • minimum of 51% ownership
  • minimum of 1 new job created

As part of the exploratory visit, the foreign entrepreneur will present their business idea to the community’s designated contact person. The contact person will prepare a referral form for submission as part of the applicant’s BC PNP registration.

The Regional Pilot is intended for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business. Entrepreneurs wishing to purchase existing businesses are able to register/apply under the Entrepreneur Immigration category of the program.

Community eligibility

To be eligible for the EI Regional Pilot, communities must have a population of fewer than 75,000, be located beyond 30 km of a municipality of more than 75,000, and demonstrate their capacity to support foreign entrepreneurs through an established network of settlement and business support agencies.

This initiative is intended to maximize the economic benefits of immigration to B.C. to support shared prosperity across the province.

Immigration and pilot-specific training will be offered to community representatives and must be completed before confirming the enrollment. Communities will then be in a position to host exploratory visits and issue referrals for potential applicants.

You must have community referrals to apply for this program.

To Apply for the program, we do not suggest you to use the DIY option, as professional advice will be needed in preparing for the business plan and connecting you to the local community for exploratory trip.

To assess whether you are eligible for this program, please complete the following assessment!