Chair of CMI—Ni Fang (Tina Ryan) RCIC, CCIC

Tina is the Chair of Canadian Migration Institute, the President of Visa Seminars International Inc.—a reputable immigration consulting firm based in Vancouver Island and the General Partner of US based Aerie Leisure LLP. Tina is also a US FAA licensed Private Pilot and a Co-author of PCTIA accredited immigration educational program CSIC E-Academy, an instructor and a bilingual entrepreneur who has conducted business successfully in different countries such as China, Canada and USA.

“As an entrepreneur, a wife and mother of two boys, I have been constantly exploring ways of running a successful business while ensuring my loved ones are also taken care of. Over the years I have discovered the power and benefits of growing my business through internet, social networking and technologies, under my leadership, this is what CMI will be all about, I want to share my knowledge and experience with our fellows and make CMI a tool for Canadian professionals to connect with Canada’s new comers and people from all over the world who plan to come to Canada! Our goal is to make CMI the place where you can succeed,connect with successful people and learn from their success stories.” 

Our Mentors 

success action
Team Success Action–a consulting team for immigrant Entrepreneurs
Imran Qayyum
Imran Qayyum Chair of CSIC
HLCol Alex Moseanu

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