–Know the IRCC’s Proposed New Categories: Targeted Express Entry Draws

IRCC will conduct a targeted Express Entry Draws 2023 by creating different categories in accordance with Bill C19 and the Immigration Minister’s mandate letter.

The IRCC shared their official priorities and possible new categories for the different categories of the Express Entry Draws.

These new possible categories can give us an idea of what IRCC’s choices and focus will be in the 2023 Express Entry Draws based on target categories.

The IRCC has also stated that the targeted draws will account for a portion of the overall application invitations. The normal Express Entry Draws based on the Comprehensive Ranking System scores and individual programs will still continue.

List of possible new categories for the targeted Express Entry Draws

The IRCC is developing categories for the targeted Express Entry Draw that focus on

1.   Selecting candidates based on work experience in a specific occupation or sector

A proposed category for selection in Express Entry that includes work experience in particular occupations or sectors experiencing chronic shortages.

The most popular primary occupations invited to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry between 2019 and 2021 were:

2.   International student graduates to permanent residence

A potential category for selection in Express Entry focused on international student graduates could respond more directly to critical shortages that persist across various sectors and occupations. A possible category could, for example, include graduates with a degree or diploma in in-demand fields from a Designated Learning Institution.

International student graduates also benefit from permanent economic immigration because they are fluent in at least one official language, have a Canadian education qualifications and work experience.

3.   Temporary Foreign Workers to Permanent Residence

As with international students, choosing a category in the Express Entry that focuses on transitional skilled temporary foreign workers improves responsiveness to long-term economic needs. Temporary workers are good candidates for permanent residency because they have the opportunity to find work in their field (i.e., a better job skills match). Requiring experience in an in-demand field can address the most critical shortages

4.   Selecting French-speaking and bilingual candidates

By designing an Express Entry category based on French language proficiency and in-demand sector or occupational experience, IRCC can help fill the ongoing labor shortage in Francophone minority communities.

An increase in the number of French speakers accepted through the Express Entry may contribute to economic growth in Francophone minority communities.

Source: IRCC,Immigration News Canada