When the Express Entry draws for all programs resume in July, the number of invitations could be similar to the pre-pandemic numbers, according to an internal briefing memo obtained by CIC News.

The memo said maintaining the pause until the end of June will allow IRCC to process new applications in six months. The current inventory of Express Entry applications is sufficient for IRCC to meet the 2022 admissions targets. However, in order to meet the 2023 targets, the invitation rounds will need to resume between July and September

The memo said the current FHS clients inventory remains sufficient to meet the 2022 admissions goals, which stands at about 58,000 persons in the FHS inventory with a planned admissions goal of 55,900.

Although the estimated number of invitations issued in each round was redacted, the IRCC memo states the size of the draw would be consistent with the average number of invitations issued pre-pandemic.

all programs draw before March 18, 2020 ranged between 3,400 and 4,500. All programs draw in 2019 ranged from 3200 to 3900.



source: CIC News