BC eases restrictions starting at 12a.m. tonight

Restrictions and safety measures that aren’t changing

Restrictions and safety measures that remain in place will be reviewed in March and April 2022.

  • Masks required in all indoor public settings
  • Showing proof of vaccination to access many businesses, events and services
  • Businesses must have a COVID-19 safety plan
  • Restrictions on visitors to long-term care and assisted living facilities
  • Restrictions on worship services
  • Restrictions on child and youth overnight camps
  • K to 12 and child care safety guidelines

Restrictions that are changing

Starting February 16 at 11:59 pm, many restrictions will be eased. With proof of vaccination and masks, these activities can return to normal.

  • No restrictions on indoor and outdoor personal gatherings
  • Full capacity allowed for:
    • Indoor and outdoor organized events
    • Indoor events at venues
    • Exercise and fitness, adult sports activities, tournaments and swimming pools
  • Full capacity and fewer restrictions in restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs:
    • No limits on table size
    • Normal liquor service hours
    • Customers don’t have to remain seated
  • Dancing is allowed when wearing a mask indoors

Sources: Government of BC

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