Bob Fang: Immigrant Entrepreneur,Owner of Yummy Japan Express Inc. (Erito Sushi)

When Bob Fang Graduated from University of Victoria in 2011 as a Master of Global Business, he had no idea that he would become owner of a profitable and fast growing Japanese fast-food franchise in 4 short years.

Born to an entrepreneurial family, Bob’s dream has always been building a successful business that provide jobs to many people, Value to the society and sense of achievement to himself.

After Studied in Japan for 5 years, Bob came to Canada with Chinese and Japanese Language skills and a Bachelor of commerce from University of Marketing and Distribution Science, Kobe, Japan.

After studied in Canada for 4 years, Bob received a master degree of Global Business from University of Victoria. shortly after he graduated from University of Victoria, he started working in a Japanese fast-food restaurant as a manager and eventually purchased that business and changed names to build his own franchise.

In 4 years, he has built a profitable franchise with 2 locations and is currently expanding rapidly to other locations.

As an immigrant entrepreneur, there have been many problems to solve and many new things to learn. He has faced many challenges as a young entrepreneur from a different language and culture background.

By dealing with the problems and solving them, Bob has learned practical knowledge and skills that he has never learned from Classrooms.

CMI welcome Bob Fang on board to help our immigrant entrepreneurs to build successful businesses in Canada.