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What is CMI Success Action?

Canadian business immigration is evolving to a model that attracts real entrepreneurs to come to Canada to operate Canadian businesses. It may sound easy, but when you are actually doing businesses in a new country in a different language and different culture, there are many difficulties to conquer and problems to solve!

Many immigrant entrepreneurs feel helpless when they are facing real issues in operating their businesses, although nowadays you can use internet to share your problems and seek solutions, but nothing is better than somebody who has been there and done that to share their experience with you and teach you what problems they have faced and how they have solved the problems.

In the real world, the advice of someone who has go through the similar route and successfully built a profitable business is more valuable than the advice of an expert who had no experience in running an actual business or a group of new comers who are still exploring solutions of building successful businesses.

CMI Success Action is such a service package that helps immigrant entrepreneurs to solve their problems in operating their businesses and become successfully established in Canada. The service package integrates Entrepreneur Education, business consultation and onsite problem solving to provide a complete solution for immigrant entrepreneurs.

What’s more, you might be our next Paid business consultant!

As long as you can successfully operate a business in Canada as an immigrant Entrepreneur and reach the threshold set for a profitable business in that industry, you will have the opportunity to become our next paid business consultant.

We would also like to use CMI Success Action to encourage more and more immigrant entrepreneurs to become actively involved in their business operations, feeling positive and helped by the support we offer, share information and build a large business network.

OK, Now Let’s check who are  our consultants and what exciting event is happening in the immigrant entrepreneur community!

Bob Fang Immigrant Entrepreneur/Restaurant Industry
Tina Fang Immigrant Entrepreneur/consulting industry
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