COVID 19 has caused many countries closed their borders, including Canada, however, approved Permanent Resident can still enter into Canada.

If you’re travelling by air, you need to pass a health check conducted by airlines before you’re allowed to board your flight. Anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter Canada by air.

When you arrive in Canada Canadian authority will  assess your health before you leave the port of entry. You must isolate for 14 days even if you have no symptoms. This is mandatory.

If  your permanent resident application is already approved

Permanent residence applications approved on or before March 18, 2020

If your application was approved on or before March 18, 2020, but you haven’t travelled to Canada yet, you’re exempt from the travel restriction measures.

Landing appointments will be held by telephone, if possible

IRCC cancelled all in-person permanent resident landing appointments until April 13, 2020. All landing appointments will be done by telephone whenever possible. Otherwise, we’ll reschedule them for later.

IRCC will contact you by email to let you know when your phone appointment will be. Use the Web formif you need to update your contact information.

Approved permanent resident applicants with expired or expiring documents

If your permanent resident application is approved  but you can’t travel to Canada before your documents expire, use the Web form to tell IRCC why you can’t travel.

Once it’s possible for you to travel, use the Web form to let IRCC know so IRCC can tell you what to do next.

Permanent residence applications that are still in processing

Some steps you may not be able to complete right now include

No application in progress will be closed or refused because of documents missing due to COVID-19. IRCC will automatically give you 90 days to complete these steps. Once you’re able to, complete the steps as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Biometrics deadline extended to 90 days

Even though your biometrics instruction letter (BIL) says you must complete this step in 30 days, we’ll automatically give you 90 days. You won’t need a new BIL.

Biometrics at Service Canada locations

To keep everyone safe, Service Canada has temporarily stopped collecting biometrics until further notice.

To withdraw your application

If you’re affected by the travel restrictions and­ want to withdraw your permanent residence application, use the Web form .

you will get a refund if