Canada’s program to receive and resettle Afghan refugees has begun a new phase.

In the first phase of the operation, Canada has evacuated some 3,700 people from Afghanistan – most of them refugees who support Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan and who will soon begin a new life in Canada.

As Canada begins the second phase of the operation, Canada has reached an agreement with the United States to work closely on the safe passage and departure from Afghanistan of Canadian nationals, Afghan nationals who have served in both countries, and their families. As part of the agreement, Canada will welcome up to 5,000 refugees who will be evacuated with U.S. assistance. These refugees will be accepted as part of Canada’s recently announced program for some 20,000 refugees, including persecuted Afghan minorities, women human rights advocates, LGBTI individuals and journalists.

Refugees must meet all eligibility and admissibility requirements. They will come to Canada through the country where they have been temporarily located after fleeing Afghanistan.