IMG_8168 Tina Fang: Immigrant Entrepreneur–Consulting Industry

When Tina came to Canada in 2003, she was facing different options with respect to how she would like to live her life in Canada.

Newly married and pregnant with her first child, She could have chosen to be a stay-home mom or find a job. Instead, She decided to take the immigration practitioner’s postgraduate program to become a licensed immigration consultant and run her own practice.

For a woman, to run a home based business is an ideal option, this allows Tina to take care of her young children at home and make a living in the meanwhile.

Soon Tina became one of the first few licensed Mandarin speaking immigration consultants who passed all required language and knowledge exams to practise as an Immigration consultant.

Although Tina’s English proficiency was among top 10% of the Chinese population before she immigrated to Canada, to do business with native English speaking people as a professional was really challenging for her.

Her first group of clients were all skilled immigrants from Europe, their British accent was very hard to understand, then the clients also had difficulties understanding Tina’s English with Chinese accent.

She was not afraid of the challenges and pressed on with her business, it turned out that the difficult times  only make Tina stronger, smarter and more capable.

Her business took off soon and she started to have clients form all over the worlds.

Tina is looking forward to sharing her experience and helping more women entrepreneurs to succeed!