Tina Fang: Immigrant Entrepreneur/Consulting Industry

 Tina Fang: Immigrant Entrepreneur–Consulting Industry When Tina came to Canada in 2003, she was facing different options with respect to how she would like to live her life in Canada. Newly married and pregnant with her first child, She could have chosen to be a stay-home mom or find a job. Instead, She decided to […]

Bob Fang

Bob Fang: Immigrant Entrepreneur,Owner of Yummy Japan Express Inc. (Erito Sushi) When Bob Fang Graduated from University of Victoria in 2011 as a Master of Global Business, he had no idea that he would become owner of a profitable and fast growing Japanese fast-food franchise in 4 short years. Born to an entrepreneurial family, Bob’s dream […]

CMI Success Action

What is CMI Success Action? Canadian business immigration is evolving to a model that attracts real entrepreneurs to come to Canada to operate Canadian businesses. It may sound easy, but when you are actually doing businesses in a new country in a different language and different culture, there are many difficulties to conquer and problems […]

HLCol Alex Moseanu–CMI Mentor

Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel Alex Moseanu, SBStj, CD, AdeC, GCSJ(J) ,GCStG, MOC, ORCB CMI is very honored to have Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Alex Moseanu to be our mentor for Canadian Culture, History and Public Interest. Honorary LCol Moseanu served for thirty-eight years with Canadian Forces including the Canadian Grenadier Guards, Governor General’s Horse Guards and the Toronto Scottish […]